Italia '90 10,330 day anniversary tour

Cari Amici,

To commemorate 10,330 day since Salvatore ‘Toto’ Schillacci ended Irish dreams with a rebound into an open goal on a hot Roman night I’ll be returning to Italy to honour the fallen with a series of gigs in provincial hotspots the length and breadth of the boot.

If you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of any of the aforementioned hotspots and need an injection of miserabilism to temper the beautiful landscapes and delicious food it would be a pleasure to meet you in person!

italian tour poster.jpg

Dead Capital out now!!!


It's with the upmost pleasure I can announce my brand new album "Dead Capital" is released today. It was recorded last year in Berlin and features the multifarious talents of A.S.Fanning, Dan Fitzpatrick, Fredrik Sunesen & Candice Gordon. I'm tremendously proud of this body of work and hope it's a record you will return to many times in the future as the songs unfold themselves.A huge thanks to those who have helped along the road including Steve Fitzmaurice for the cover shot, Tom Hyatt for the sleeve design and Sainsburys Credit Card for it's 0% credit card which funded the vinyl pressing! You can stream it on all the usual sources here

Airport Hotel Video

It's with the upmost pleasure I  can share the video for Airport Hotel. It was directed by the über-talented Martine Skogstad with gorgeous cinematography by Daniel Jaroschik. All ably brought together by Jeanne Scahaise & Carol Van Hemelrijck, the Belgian powehouses at Hum Hum Production whose tireless devotion to method meant it was shot in an actual airport hotel!


Hello to you all my friends. It's with the greatest pleasure that I can reveal the  new Video for London. My initial inspiration was to pay homage to the great "Take a Chance" video by ABBA but with children instead. When it became patently obvious this was unworkable and former Tánaiste Mary Harney was unavailable for the role of Anni-Frid Lyngstad I went back to the drawing board. I bought an old VHS camera complete with with 5 blank tapes for £15 off ebay and set off to film the hotspots of England's Capital and former seat of Imperial power.

Nothing says self-indulgent hipster like a fixation with obsolete technology and after multiple camera breakages and fixes it's safe to say I'll need to make a few more of these piles of crap with the Panasonic NVG101B to get my money's worth! A special thanks goes to Dave Lewis for the additional"on location" camera work.

London out Now!

I'm very pleased to announce the release of my new single London. I'd like to think that if Bruce Springsteen was more of a public transport guy with mental health issues living in the UK this is the kind of tune he might knock out between stadium shows. If you're into making playlists and all that jazz feel free to shoehorn it in somewhere. Warmest regards, Lou

Bit Part Actor Video

It’s with great pleasure that I get to share with you the video for my most recent single “Bit Part Actor” It was filmed in the post-industrial weirdscape of Canvey Island and features award winning anti-comic, actor and general renaissance man Edward Aczel as he drifts through a material and emotional dystopia on a mysterious existential journey. A sort of “High Plains Drifter” on the Thames Estuary is what Peter Bradshaw would undoubtedly call it.
It was shot on a fine spring day by my good friend and artistic polymath Jez Leather of multimedia renegades Jukebox Headaches with questionable help from myself in the art department. I’d love to hear your tinfoil hat conspiracy theories pertaining to the narrative content of the video as I’m sure you’ll all draw wildly different conclusions. If you enjoy it do please share the video with your “friends” and post your comments as any mild validation does wonders for my fragile artistic ego.

Bit Part Actor Out Now!!

My new single "Bit Part Actor" is out now across all streaming platforms. It was recorded at Candybomber in Berlin and features Fredrik Sunesen on drums, AS Fanning on Bass, Dan Fitzpatrick on Piano & Candice Gordon on Vocals. An attempt to shoehorn a theremin onto it was made and abandoned. The message is there is no message. Please enjoy, share, repeat ad nauseam. Happy Friday