Hello to you all my friends. It's with the greatest pleasure that I can reveal the  new Video for London. My initial inspiration was to pay homage to the great "Take a Chance" video by ABBA but with children instead. When it became patently obvious this was unworkable and former Tánaiste Mary Harney was unavailable for the role of Anni-Frid Lyngstad I went back to the drawing board. I bought an old VHS camera complete with with 5 blank tapes for £15 off ebay and set off to film the hotspots of England's Capital and former seat of Imperial power.

Nothing says self-indulgent hipster like a fixation with obsolete technology and after multiple camera breakages and fixes it's safe to say I'll need to make a few more of these piles of crap with the Panasonic NVG101B to get my money's worth! A special thanks goes to Dave Lewis for the additional"on location" camera work.