Bit Part Actor Video

It’s with great pleasure that I get to share with you the video for my most recent single “Bit Part Actor” It was filmed in the post-industrial weirdscape of Canvey Island and features award winning anti-comic, actor and general renaissance man Edward Aczel as he drifts through a material and emotional dystopia on a mysterious existential journey. A sort of “High Plains Drifter” on the Thames Estuary is what Peter Bradshaw would undoubtedly call it.
It was shot on a fine spring day by my good friend and artistic polymath Jez Leather of multimedia renegades Jukebox Headaches with questionable help from myself in the art department. I’d love to hear your tinfoil hat conspiracy theories pertaining to the narrative content of the video as I’m sure you’ll all draw wildly different conclusions. If you enjoy it do please share the video with your “friends” and post your comments as any mild validation does wonders for my fragile artistic ego.